mirjana risek work resume

I envy the bees. They can simply dance a figure eight, and precise, complex instructions are transmitted, received, implemented. How efficient. How fun. If only...

Since 1995, I've been working as an information and interaction designer, trying always replicate this kind of simplicity. Good interaction design, I have learned, is inconspicuous -- quietly creating fun, efficient, responsive, and worthwhile experiences.

I like to work closely with other artists, engineers, and clients as an end-user advocate, and I believe that everyone benefits from good design.

bees, dancing

I consider myself primarily a design communicator. While dancing about [site] architecture sounds like good fun, I've tried instead to develop a more reliable language: a design process flexible enough to apply to any project, and thorough enough to describe any website interaction. To this end, I create things like site structure overviews, taskflow diagrams, annotated storyboards, and interactive prototypes.

But, enough of my talk... take a look at some projects I've worked on, or review my résumé.